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Key West Mortgage provides you with the most comprehensive options in Home Financing anywhere:  Fixed Rate, Adjustable Rates, Interest Only, Graduated Payments, Conventional, FHA, VA, JUMBO or USDA.  We structure your financing to fit your needs.

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Buying a single family home, a condo, townhome, 1-4 unit?  Do you plan to live in it as primary residence, second/vacation home or as an investment to rent out? Will you be doing renovations or upgrades?  These are the questions that needs answers we can provide to you.



A Refinance can help you take out equity, reduce your interest rate, payoff debts, do some remodeling or finance your child's education, take a vacation.  There are any number of great reasons to consider a refinance on your property.

Equity Loan


Sometimes the benefit of using some of your equity in the property and not changing the first mortgage can provide you with short term finance options or create a line of credit for starting a business or 

Home Equity Line of Credit

This type of financing is usually a second mortgage on an property you already own. 

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